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Sciences humaines - Administration Bilingue




2 years


$2000 Scholarship

With or without math


300.B4 (with math) : Mathematics TS 5e or SN 5e or 526

300.B5 (without math) : Mathematics CST 4e or 416





Choose the best preparatory program for your university studies

Only bilingual program between Montreal and Quebec city.

Our Bilingual Business Administration concentration is unique between Montreal and Quebec City. Its syllabus is the same as the regular French version but with more than 40% of your courses being taught in English.

Scientific research has shown that learning two languages has the added benefit of increasing your cognitive functions and concentration. Whether it be accounting, marketing, economics or management, this new approach will broaden your horizons to the world of business and will give you the utmost preparation for the very best universities in Canada or abroad.

Our graduation rate in the expected completion time is higher than the average of the entire collegiate system*.

At Collège Laflèche, we offer:

  • personalized support;
  • 8 hours of availability per week from teachers;
  • preparatory activities to help you succeed in your exams;
  • solid training on study/work methods;
  • field trips, outings and stimulating experiences that help integrate concepts and broaden your horizons.

*Statistics of students coming from high school

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Stimulating activities

In this program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • organise and lead the “Bar des sciences” activity which focuses on climate refugees;
  • participate in a historical trip to Gatineau and Ottawa;
  • contribute to a mental health seminar at Laflèche;
  • attend lunchtime conferences “Les grandes rencontres”;
  • learn by travelling overseas (optional);
  • discover Montreal’s cultural diversity;
  • participate in political and market simulations;
  • take part in many field trips, outings and experiential learning.
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  • Company and entrepreneur visits in the region
  • Create a business plan for your very own company
  • Entrepreneurial and case study competitions
  • Market simulations and market analyses
  • Business success analyses
  • You have the option of replacing your math courses with politics and history courses

University perspectives
(the most popular choices)

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Administration
  • Finance and Economics
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, Publicity and Communication
  • Mathematics


Meet the general admission conditions of the College


300.B4 (with math) : Mathematics TS 5 or SN 5 or 526.
300.B5 (without math) : Mathematics CST 4e or 416.



Session 1 – 25 H /week

340-101-MQ | Philosophie et rationalité – 4 h

601-101-MQ | Français : écriture et littérature – 4 h

604-COM-MQ | Anglais général commun – 3 h

300-002-LF | Academic Work Methods – 2 h

350-203-LF | Introduction to Psychology – 3 h

387-013-LF | Introduction to Sociology – 3 h

401-903-LF | *Introduction to Business Administration – 3 h

With math.: COM-001 | Cours complémentaire I – 3 h

Without math.: 385-553-LF | Introduction à la politique – 3 h

*Courses specific to the Business concentration


Why choose Collège Laflèche?

At Collège Laflèche, when you have a project in mind, we have it at heart. No matter what your ambitions, we will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals. Our team is competent, devoted and totally down-to-earth. Within no time you will feel right at home thanks to our welcoming community. Choosing Collège Laflèche comes with many advantages. For example, our teachers offer students a minimum of 8 office hours per week. Furthermore, we provide you with a better preparation for university and the job market.

Is this profile for me?

This profile is for you if :

you want to improve your English without neglecting your French;
you are looking to work or travel abroad;
you are a creative leader looking to manage or start a business.

Which bursaries am I eligible to apply for in this program?

When you register in the Social Sciences program, you will automatically receive a bursary worth $2000. This bursary is distributed equally across each semester and takes the form of a reduction on your student fees. No additional application is required.

What is the cost of student fees for this program?

Student fees are $1795 per semester. From this amount can be subtracted the $2000 bursary, $500 per semester for the regular program and $333 per semester for Sports Study or Arts Study profiles. In Quebec, college student fees are tax deductible, both at the provincial and federal levels. Tax credits are transferrable to parents regardless of total income.